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# Name Position
1 Webmaster Communications Circle
2 Salih Cotten CFO
3 Sa'id bin Yunus Imam at the SSC Mother Center
4 Zahra Lee Teleconference Leader
5 Safiyyah Naomi Miller Teleconference Leader
6 Na'ama McCreedy Teleconference Leader
7 Rivka Goren Teleconference Call Leader
8 Safiyyah Miller Call leader
9 Abdul Latif Healy Call leader
10 A'isha McGuffey Khalwah from Home Coordinator
11 Wadude Laird
12 Razzaq Circle Planned Giving
13 Salima Adelstein Murshid
14 Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe Murshid Muqaddam Murabbi Ruhi
15 Noor-ul-Mubeen Portney Teleclass Leader

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