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# Name Position
1 Webmaster Communications Circle
2 Sa'id bin Yunus Imam at the SSC Mother Center
3 Zahra Lee Teleconference Leader
4 Safiyyah Naomi Miller Teleconference Leader
5 Na'ama McCreedy Teleconference Leader
6 Rivka Goren Teleconference Call Leader
7 Safiyyah Miller Call leader
8 Abdul Latif Healy Call leader
9 A'isha McGuffey Khalwah from Home Coordinator
10 Wadude Laird
11 Razzaq Circle Planned Giving
12 Salima Adelstein Murshid
13 Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe Murshid Muqaddam Murabbi Ruhi
14 Noor-ul-Mubeen Portney Teleclass Leader
15 Laila Walzer

'Itlaq (Freedom) Campaign

Alhamdulillah al shukruhallah, we raised $137,000 for our current payment!

Thank you for your generous giving to meet this important commitment.

Working and Walking Together for the Face of Allah

Our Goal:  $316,000

To pay off our mortgage and secure our Retreat Center and Land in California for our future, inshaAllah!

Every gift helps.  If you can give $1000, alhamdulillah!

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