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Eleven months ago the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center was facing severe financial challenges. In response, the Board of Directors asked the whole community for help in protecting and preserving our assets (land and retreat center), and in operating in a more sustainable manner. Many volunteers from the community came forward to address how to improve the organization’s culture, governance, finances, and communications so that all beloveds can feel confidence in the organization’s operations. Some great strides have been made since then, and we are moving in a very positive direction.

As the Governance Circle, we have worked hard to develop a new governance structure that is transparent, participatory, inclusive and effective, so that we may grow as a tariqa, have more success in achieving our goals and vision, and be as one hand, one heart. At all times our goal has been to address the needs and concerns expressed by the tariqa and the leadership over the years, and to develop a system which is empowering and responsive to those needs in a dynamic way. It is also our sincere intent that this model be firmly grounded in the teachings of the Prophet (saws).

When the circle first began 10 months ago, many beloveds participated in identifying and clarifying the major concerns of the past and hopes for a new way of operating. As we moved into the intensive process of developing a clear, concrete, functional model, a smaller working group emerged to carry that effort forward. Over the past five months we have presented this proposal to the leaders, the tariqa as a whole and our guide, and received and incorporated their input. On September 6th, 2008, Sidi gave his approval for this model and the Board of Directors of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center has formally approved and adopted this proposal as of October 3, 2008. This means that from this point forward, we are entering a new chapter, al hamdulillah! Now we begin the exciting process of implementing the changes we have all hoped for and envisioned.

This process is a collaborative, tariqa-wide effort and the model will be implemented in steps, with adjustments and refinements as we move forward. We invite all beloveds to participate in shaping the new organization, nationally and locally. New councils and circles will be formed based on what is needed by the tariqa. Recommendations for implementation, as well as specific opportunities for participation by beloveds, will follow shortly, insha’allah.

Ma salaam,

The Governance Circle

Abd al-Qadr Davies
Khadijah Gigliotti
Maryam Hand
Wahida Kass
Bilqis and Ishaq Loeliger
Hawwa Warner


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Sidi's Prayer

As Sidi was leaving the land today (12-1-11) he said a prayer for the Center in Arabic then he said in English:  

“I pray that Allah protect this place, I pray that Allah gives support to this place, I pray that Allah gives yearning to the people, I pray that Allah gives protection to this holy place and all the people (who come here).   I love this place more than any other place and want other people to love this place, care about this place, help this place with excellence and perfect work.” 

 Later he said: “This is the first place I built in all of America, you understand.  I love this place from the deepest place in my heart.  and I call all the people to help this place so that it is always full with the beloveds and to care and to see this place filled up with the lovers of Allah more and more and more in every season.  This is my word.  This is the truth.”