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Sha’ban, the Month of the Prophet.

Helpful Practices

Prayer practices PDF for 15 Sha'ban (Nisful-Sha’ban) (Courtesy of our friends at

Mid-Sha'ban will be on the night of Saturday, March 27th, which we will observe with a community khalwah, Inshallah.  


It’s recommended to fast at least one day during the first fifteen days of Sha’ban, but forbidden during the latter fourteen or fifteen days of the month, unless it is your regular practice (for instance, to fast the last three days of the month, or regular Monday and Thursdays).  During the allowed period, fast on mid-Sha’ban or any Monday or Thursday.

Du’a and practices

a)   Repeat 70 times daily:

Astaghfiru allaaha wa as-aluka attawbata

I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I pray Him for approval of my repentance.

b)   Repeat 70 times daily:

astagfiru allaaha alladhy I seek Allah’s forgiveness

laa ilaha huwa For there is god Except Him

ar- Rahmanu ar-Rahimu The compassionate, the merciful

al Hayy al Qayyumu wa atouba ilay The living, the eternal, and I repent to Him

c)   Frequently throughout the month to give alms, even as little as half a date sadaqa (freewill) offering to someone who has less than you.

d)   Repeat 1,000 times once, in one day, during the month, either all at a time, or broken up during the day (such as 300 after Fajr, 200 after Dhuhr, etc. to total 1,000)

laa ilaaha illaa allahu There is no deity except Allah

wa laa na’budu illaa iyyahu And we don’t worship but Him

muklisuna lahu aaddina Faithful & sincere in following His religion

wa law kariha al mushrikuuna even if the polytheists hate it

e)   At least one Thursday, or more, do two extra rakats after any prayer except Fajr and Asr (because one never does extra prayers after those) and preferably after Maghrib and before ‘Isha.  After Fatiha for both rakats (of superogatory prayers) do 100 Surah Ikhlas

f)    Repeat frequently throughout the month:

Allahumma salli ala sayiddina Muhammad (is sufficient)

Allah, please send your peace & blessings upon our Master Guide Muhammad.

Or add: wa alayhi wa salim and upon his family

or wa alayhi wa sahbihi wa salim

and upon his family and campanions

or wa alayhi wa sahbihi wa _alayna wa salim

and upon his family, his companions and upon us.