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Sidi says "Read and Write the books"

Offered by beloveds in our Sufi Community
(Last updated 10/30/18)

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Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim,

As-salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu’llah wa Barakatuhu

Dear beloved brothers and sisters in the Way. 

Our beloved guide Sidi steadfastly served Allah in so many ways on so many levels.  Insha’llah we may have some understanding of some and others we can only hope to understand some day. Each of us is finding our way to continue our walking as we walk this sacred journey on this incredible Path that we have been blessed with.

One thing our beloved guide Sidi seemed always to put in the forefront, and that was helping us to know, realize and taste  that “You are the love”.  To help us in this, he was always turning us to Allah in and through almost every question we had, even if it did not seem directly related, he was keeping us steadfast in the Way….walking on the Path.  “Trust Allah”, “Keep walking”, “You are the love, be the love” are some of the ways he showed his love & mercy for us, and how Allah is the Mercy and Allah loves us through his example.   He did this when we were in his presence, and also through his spirit and also through his books that all share the secrets and haqiqah of His (subhannahu wa ta ‘ala) Holy Qur’an.

We are very blessed that Sidi left with us so many books, and teachings that have the deep, hidden secrets….and the haqiqah of the way.  Sidi always said “There is no haqiqah without the shariah, and no shariah without the haqiqah”.  But we are blessed to be given the secrets of the haqiqah.  May we find our way to the Real Healing, the Real Islam, the Real Help for us, so that we may help ourselves to help others. 

Please join us in community as we gather to continue to study the teachings and practice the ritual practices that we have inherited from our beloved guide Sidi.  Many of our brothers and sisters share their love of Allah, and their himma for this Sufi Path each and every day on many of the free teleconference offerings from our Sufi Community Teleconference Circle. 

You will find a link to the updated  schedule (2/7/18) with some of our regular offerings as well as some new ones.  Or you can go to and click on Top Links ‘Free Practice Calls’. 

We pray that you can join us as we continue to walk in the Way as brothers and sisters on this sacred journey to “Know ourselves to know our Lord.” 

Much much love,

Your Sufi Community Teleconference Circle

FOR THE HEARTS THAT HAVE HIMMA TO HELP:  Please contact Na'ama McCreedy if you may be interested in helping to facilitate/host any of our current teleconference offerings...or would like to anchor a new offering.   We pray the door will open for those whose hearts that have himma. Everyone is welcome to participate or facilitate from everywhere.  Let Allah prepare you by volunteering to be a substitute for the current team. Email Na'ama McCreedy.

If we have missed any calls or free resources, please email us at share @ suficommunities . org or send a message from the "Contact Us" page.


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