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Updating SSC’s Mission and Vision - A New Format

Core Ideology Approved

Envisioned Future  - For Approval

Revised core purpose stmt: Approved 5/2//17:

~To preserve and share the pure legacy of the teachings of Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal.

~ To live his teachings and give the message of Unity, Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Freedom for all people without separation.

~ To be an oasis -- providing gathering places for worship, healing, and education for all those called by Allah and Sidi’s spirit to taste or to walk in the Shadhiliyya Sufi way, the way of the Real Islam.

Big Audacious Goal  (10 year)

By Allah’s Grace…

We are a growing international network of thriving and joyful Shadhiliyya sufi communities and centers of worship, healing, studying, practicing and sharing the teachings of our guide Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, like beacons of light of the real Islam in the world.

Our deeply renewing and contemplative Shadhiliyya Sufi retreat and healing center is open 365 days a year with zawiyyah and programs for seekers of God and those in search of healing and peace through the teachings of Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal, the Prophets, peace be upon them, and the Sufi path.

Our residential spiritual and farm community is established on our land in Pope Valley CA, as envisioned by our guide.  Our farm provides organic and halal food, livelihood and financial support for our Retreat Center, community members and communities.

Core Values Approved

We walk in the Shadhiliyya Sufi way, living our Promise to:

  • Walk straight

  • Be honest

  • Care about our body

  • Be one from His children

  • Open our heart

  • Surrender to and rely on Allah

And practicing:

  • Gratitude

  • Mercy

  • Love

  • Knowledge

  • Purification

  • Service

Vivid Description of Future State - In fine tuning process 8/2017

We exist to love,  know and walk closer to Allah and to be in service to His creation.  By the Grace and Generosity of Allah…

  • We are a world-wide network of spiritual communities and retreat centers, providing spiritual teachings, healing and opportunities for people to develop a deeper connection with God through Sufi gnostic study and practice, as taught to us by Sidi Muhammad al Jamal.

  • Through following our guide’s teachings, all of us are on a path of spiritual and personal growth, healing, and becoming the best of what Allah intends us to be; inspired to serve Allah with the unique gifts and talents He has given us. We strive to be vessels through which His divine healing, knowledge and mercy flow. We support people in integrating Sidi Muhammad’s teachings, in order that they may, by Allah’s Grace, share them (the teachings), their ethics and practices through work, life and service.

  • Our programming serves to introduce and open seekers to walking the path to Allah, through the transformative teachings given to us by Sidi al-Jamal. We have strong outreach and teaching programs throughout the world, both online and in communities. Our core programs can be replicated by any teacher or community.

  • We offer support and training for teachers and community leaders so they can actualize their gifts in service to Allah and deeply carry and share His message in the world. Our teachers strive to walk deeply and assist many on the path to greater intimacy with their Creator.

  • Community members are inspired to be actively engaged in and serving our community life, and creating welcoming and healing environments in which to worship, praise and walk closer to Allah.  Our communities have knowledge and resources to serve beloveds in all aspects of life - worship, work, family, birth, death, illness, aging, healing, and creating a strong, loving community, [in the way of the the Prophets (saws).]

  • We seek to be peacemakers, discovering the Unity in diversity, respecting all of Allah’s creation and making no separation between peoples. As we surrender ever more deeply in our walking to Allah, our projects and community members reflect our desire to nurture peace in the world.

    At our Mother Center and Land...

  • Our Mother Center preserves Sidi Muhammad’s pure legacy and offers a place for peaceful contemplation, healing and spiritual fellowship to support seekers on the path to Allah. Residents, guests and staff at all our centers and gatherings experience deep spiritual and physical nourishment, inshaAllah (God Willing).

  • We have a full calendar of thriving programs serving our community and seekers of God. Guests visit to participate in Sufi and Islamic studies, daily worship, full time zawiyyah (retreat, healing, study), comprehensive spiritual healing encompassing mind-body-spirit (including prophetic medicine, hijamah, food-as-medicine, herbal medicine, healing waters and other healing modalities), and sustainable farming.

  • We have a simple, beautiful and sustainable, “green” retreat facility with welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces that support community connection, programs and our individual inner journeys. Those spaces include: our mosque, a renovated kitchen and dining hall, community space and kitchen, teaching rooms and guest quarters for 100 at our original Mother Center in Pope Valley.

  • We have built and sustain a residential and local community of sincere seekers of Allah engaged in living the din of the Prophet (saws) through spiritual community and farming at our land in Pope Valley -- a gathering place to live, worship, work and learn.

  • All our land is fully utilized as envisioned by our guide, providing living, retreat, teaching and agricultural spaces for those we serve.

  • We strive to be exemplary stewards of this land Allah has given us and to follow His guidance in caring for it. We follow halal, tayyib, organic farming and animal husbandry principles. Insha’llah, in deeply caring for the land, we have abundant and highly productive agricultural land and healthy animals that provide a livelihood and food for residents, the community and Retreat Center.

We are continually reminded of Allah’s provision sustaining us and we humbly and gratefully acknowledge Allah as the Source of all, and thank and praise Him for all He may choose to bless us with, inshallah.