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Tarawih Prayers (during Ramadan)

It is recommended to perform the Tarawih each night of Ramadan, after 'Isha Prayer. Tarawih is a sunnah salah of at least eight and up to twenty rak‘ahs. Optimally, the entire Qur'an is recited by the Imam during Tarawih prayers over the course Ramadan. If you have the opportunity to pray Tarawih in community, that is better, inshallah, but not required.

Like all sunnah prayers, Tarawih is observed in sets of two rak‘ahs, with salams (greetings of peace) after each pair.

After every fourth rak‘ah, you recite the du‘a below, then rest for a few moments.

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subåhâna dhi-l-mulki wa-l-malakût

subåhâna dhi-l-‘izzati wa-l-‘adhmati

wa-l-qudårati wa-l-kibåriyââ'i

subåhâna-l-maliki-l-hayyi-l-ladhî lâ yanamu wa lâ yamût

subbûhun quddûsun rabbunâ

wa rabbu-l-malââ'ikati war-r-rûh

allâhumma ajirnâ mina-n-nâr

yâ mujîru yâ mujîru yâ mujîr

Glorified is the master of Mulk and Malakut*

Glorified is the posessor of greatness, awe, & power

And Glory, and Grandeur and the Jabarut*

Glorified is the King who is Ever-Living who neither sleeps nor dies

For Him is Purity and Holiness —He is our Lord

and the Lord of the angels and the Spirit

Oh Allah! protect us from the fire

Oh Protector! Oh Protector! OhProtector!

* Mulk, Malakut and Jabarut are the worlds of the Kingdom, Dominion and Power, corresponding to physical reality, the angelic world, and the world of the spirit

During Ramadan it is recommended that one offer Witr in a group after praying tarawih, unless one intends to pray the night vigil prayer (Tahajjud), in which case one should postpone Witr until after the night vigil prayer. Witr is among the most strongly confirmed of all sunnah practices and observing it at the end of every night's worship (in solitary prayer outside of Ramadan) is a great blessing.