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This section lists teachings on various topics related to Sufism and walking on the path. Each of the teachings are taken from our guide's books which can be ordered through

1 The Love
2 What is God?
3 Allahu Akbar
4 How can I find Allah?
5 Man Ant: Who Are You
6 Tasawwuf
7 How do I love myself in the deep meaning?
8 What Does Allah Want From Me?
9 What is al-tariqa?
10 So the stations are the beginning?
11 The Touch Between You and Allah is Prayer
12 Adh-Dhikr: The Meaning of Remembrance
13 What does the word Sufi Mean?
14 What does it mean to be a slave?
15 What does it mean to clean your self?
16 How does God see Himself in man?
17 How can I give everything to Allah?
18 Difference Between the Shaitan and the Nafs
19 Having Difficulty Praying
20 The Beloveds of God
21 What is sickness?
22 Why are we so confronted by darkness? Why?
23 What is the veil?
24 Giving enough and Judgement Day
25 The Order of Allah?
26 What does it mean to witness everything from Allah with certainty?
27 If we feel that our behavior is negative, is there something that we should work on or should we accept our being?
28 Sometimes I have a feeling of going backwards. Is this right?
29 About the Bay‘ah (The Promise)
30 The Religion
31 To Work and Surrender at the Same Time
32 What is the meaning of the birth?
33 Explanation about Ruh, the spirit of God
34 Speaking about the Muhammadan way
35 What does it mean to have the real love?
36 Giving the Light to another

Books by Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal

Sufi GiftsMusic of the Soul
Path to Allah
How the Arrival is Realized

He Who Knows Himself, Knows His Lord
Realities of the Imagination
The Reality of Gnosis, The Family of the Prophet
The Migration of the Truthful Traveler , Secrets of the Heart and more

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