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We have many ways for you to explore our teachings and the way of the Shadhiliyya -- everything from teleclasses, workshops and retreats, to 4-5 day Sufi Schools with the Guide to study at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.  Below are links to more information about these opportunities.


  • CA Classes   ( 1 Article )

  • Community Events   ( 1 Article )

  • Jum'uah   ( 1 Article )

    Jumu'ah broadcasts from the Mother Center Mosque in Pope Valley, CA.

  • Offerings from Shadhiliyya Sufi Center   ( 3 Articles )

    The Shadhiliyya Sufi Center in N. California regularly offers a variety of educational programs and retreats in the ancient Shadhiliyyah Sufi path, as taught to us by our guide, Sidi Muhammad al Jamal.

    For more information on teaching programs from the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center in Northern California please see the Event Calendar.

    From the Event Calendar: click a particular event & a drop down menu should appear with more information & an Event Link to go to participate before, during or after an event. 

  • Spiritual Retreats   ( 1 Article )

    Retreat (zawiyah) is a core practice and very special opportunity to dive deep into these teachings and your own heart.  Zawiyahs are offered regularly at the Mother Center (CA) and at the Farm of Peace (PA), and periodically in other locations around the country.

  • Khalwahs   ( 1 Article )

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