What does my donation support? Print

As members of this community who have taken hand with Sidi, we receive services from the national organization which support our walking and care for our community.  Your tax-deductible donation goes to support these national operations such as communications, financial and non-profit administriation required by law, and maintenance of the offices and retreat center.  Included in this are national office staff salaries (2-1/2 people), utilities, office equipment, postage, services, insurance, supplies, vehicle expenses, repairs and maintenance for the facilities at Pope Valley, etc. 

Spending decisions are made by the Board of Directors, the CEO (Salih Cotten) and the Running the Retreat Center Circle. Fiscal conservatism is being practiced and has lowered debt and the monthly deficit.  There are some fundamental organizational changes in process right now which are close to but have not yet reached the point of fruition. These changes will impact the composition of the Board and spur the creation of new relationships and roles between areas of the tariqa which have been either separate or merged.  Greater tariqa participation in the organization, including financial management will result from these changes.                                                                

A detailed financial report from 2007 is available here.  Quarterly summaries for 2008 will be published shortly. At this moment, we have no mortgage debt, the gift store income covers an average of $10,000 per month in expenses, and there is a deficit of between $6,000- $10,000 per month. Current monthly donations from beloveds are now around $1300 per month and rising. No land parcels have sold, though one sale is in process.

Allah has been providing for us with generous, unexpected gifts and (one-time) tax refunds, which have enabled us to continue operating this year, al hamdulillah! A beloved graciously donated the costs of the mailings everyone has received recently.

The retreat center is working to build up program offerings and other revenue generating plans in order to become financially self-sufficient. If a reasonable occupancy rate can be maintained, operating costs should be covered. They expect to need some financial support for approximately another year, however. The Board of Directors has approved their preliminary plans and request for support.