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The Governance Circle presented its proposal to Sidi on Saturday Sep 6, and received his blessing for it, alhamdulillah! The next step is to bring it to the Board of Directors for formal acceptance. The only part of the proposal which altered as a result of the meeting was a Council of Honest responsibility to approve all members of the councils. He said this was not necessary, as long as those members were being elected by the people.

Sidi also requested that there be a circle formed of beloveds around the country to hold and support the agricultural and economic development of the Mother Center and land, and specified that this should be a first priority once the model is implemented. In service to this very strong request, members of the Governance Circle met with leaders from Northern California who were present at Sufi School East to begin exploring what support is needed to help them move forward into the new model. There was some very positive and productive conversation and a sense of hope emerging about how to overcome at least some of the existing difficulties.

We are now stepping into the next phase which includes working with leaders, existing organizations, circlesand beloveds to refine details,createe awareness and understanding about the basics of the new model, and planfor implementation and training.

Ma salaam.

The Governance Circle

PDFs for viewing or download

Transcript of Governance Circle meeting with Sidi

Summary of Governance Proposal, including questions asked of Sidi

Approved Proposal, including edits resulting from our meetings with Sidi and the Board

Audio of meeting with Sidi about the proposal - September 6, 2008 - We are trying to find a means to post a link to this 47 min. recording. However, the file is SO large that even with DSL it can take 2 hours to download/open.  We'll keep you posted on this effort. A transcript is available above, Subhanallah!


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Sidi's Prayer

As Sidi was leaving the land today (12-1-11) he said a prayer for the Center in Arabic then he said in English:  

“I pray that Allah protect this place, I pray that Allah gives support to this place, I pray that Allah gives yearning to the people, I pray that Allah gives protection to this holy place and all the people (who come here).   I love this place more than any other place and want other people to love this place, care about this place, help this place with excellence and perfect work.” 

 Later he said: “This is the first place I built in all of America, you understand.  I love this place from the deepest place in my heart.  and I call all the people to help this place so that it is always full with the beloveds and to care and to see this place filled up with the lovers of Allah more and more and more in every season.  This is my word.  This is the truth.”