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Invitation to Spend Ramadan at our Mother Center

May 14 - 24, 2020

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, dear beloveds,

Welcome to the HOLY MONTH of the QUR’AN, the Blessed Ramadan, in a special, holy place--Pope Valley, California

"If anyone wants to walk in the way, and to live in the garden, then he must leave his body, his heart and his soul, and only be with God, to be with Him face to face.  You cannot go left or right.  You must walk straight and not speak to anyone, only to God; not see anyone, only God; not walk with anyone, only God." (The station of At-Taslim (the surrender to God) in Music of the Soul p 44)

All Sidi's beloveds are warmly and lovingly invited to come together again in the holy month of Ramadan for retreat, community and immersion in the practices which bring us closer to our Lord.  We will gather at the Mother Center, which our guide blessed and loved as a gathering place for us and which so many have been generously supporting and preserving with their prayers, time and gifts.

This will be a simple but deep retreat with intimate and organic teachings, daily practices, Qur'an recitation, reading and writing Sidi's books, and community ifthar and suhoor, tarawih and dhikrs.   Together we will turn in loving surrender to our Lord, praise Him with all our hearts and souls and ask for His forgiveness and protection.  

If you are coming to the Mother Center to celebrate Ramadan this year, we hope you will please complete your registration as soon as possible, so that we will know the dates you will attend and the numbers necessary for the gathering of supplies for this Holy Month.

In keeping with the model behind our new creation, we are happy to say that there is no specific charge for this event, your room or board. Everyone contributes purely for the Face of Allah what they can and what their heart is moved to give. You may make your donation in advance or during your stay. Giving in advance is a blessing because it allows us to purchase initial supplies with ease, and is greatly appreciated, insha'llah. We sincerely thank Allah for his generosity and care of all of us!

We encourage you to be very generous with your donations and zakat, as giving purifies all aspects of our life!

Ma salaama,

The SSC Programs Committee with Mahdi al Jamal, local beloveds, and the SSC Board of Directors

Questions?  Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Register for Ramadan at the Mother Center
Notes about your stay:  Please bring your own bedding and towels and any supplies for specific dietary needs. Meals will be provided at the beginning and end of each day’s fast. Everyone will be called upon and expected to give help with chores and all aspects of living together during the month, according to what they can give.


Donation for Masjid Teachings

Secure check out. 

You may send checks to SSC
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