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Subhanallah, al hamdulillah, la illaha ilalla Allahu Ahkbar!  2011 has been an amazing year, initiating the expansion of services and revenue producing programs which we have long prayed for.  Thank you for the love, time, and money that you have given to SSC in order to make this possible! 

Everything we have comes from our most Generous and Merciful Lord, and we are but the vessels and pathways

 of His Divine Orders.  The board members and staff of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities (SSC) work hard to keep our organization aligned so that we can be His ever-expanding doorway for Sidi’s teachings in this country.  As Allah’s hands and hearts, your participation is vital to accomplishing this mission.  As one hand, one heart we all serve Allah.

As is the case every year, to end 2011 with a balanced budget, we will need your support. This year we

 need $35,000 to break even.  In addition, we have several high priority projects at the Mother

 Center which require at least as much. See the 2011 Updates for more information about these exciting projects!

SSC income is derived from programs at the Mother Center (such as USHS), gift store sales, monthly and major donations, and your annual gifts. We need $110,000 per year for SSC administrative operations alone.  In 2011 donations make up just 21% of our revenue, and it’s a very important 21%!  As a non-profit, we make events available regardless of ability to pay, and your donations bridge the gap between actual costs and what we receive for programs.  In addition, this year the economic climate has affected gift shop sales and USHS enrollments, both of which impact our bottom line. So we are turning to you now more than ever to make sure we balance our budget.  

Please ask your heart what you can give to SSC in support of our mission of service for Allah.  Will you become one of the fifty new monthly donors we are aiming for?  Or make an annual donation? Or increase your monthly donation? Any amount is deeply appreciated!  

So, please download a pledge form, use the Google Donate button to the right, or call Bill Mansfield at 707-965-0700 ext 21 to make a tax deductible donation now.  Thank you! 

Al hamdulillah, and may Allah bless and reward you for your generosity.  Allah is our Provider.

The Razzaq Circle

Rahima Bonner, Shamsa Hyllmon, Wahida Kass, and Zahra Lee